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Dangerous Tree Removal

Do you have a tree that is dangerously close to a building or structure? Are you looking for someone that can come take care of it a lot sooner than the big companies? Craig's tree and yard service in Red Deer serving central Alberta is only a phone call away. We specialize in dangerous tree removal but we do all types of tree and yard maintenance as well including tree planting. Having dangerous over hanging trees can cause severe damage to your home, business and property. This is even more likely with the bad weather Alberta is known for in both the winter and summer month.

45 foot spruce dangerous tree half way done Clean up

Property Maintenance

With your busy schedule, sometimes it might seem impossible to find the time to take care of your property. No matter what the season is we can help you with all your property maintenance needs. In the winter we can handle all your snow removal needs, from sidewalk, driveways, parking lots and roof top snow removal. In the spring we can aerate your lawn, rake and feed it with fertilizer. In the summer we can cut your grass, remove bushes, edge and weed eat as needed. In the fall we can get your lawn ready for the winter months, with fertilizer feeding and clean up.

Keep your lawn looking good Ttrimmed Hedge snow removal

Tree Maintenace

We offer a wide variety of tree maintenance services. We offer spring and fall tree pruning. We do both fruit trees and landscaping trees. We also offer spring and fall tree planting services. Depending on the species of the tree, there is appropriate time of the year to prune.

fruit tree pruning trimmed Hedge planting new trees

Stump Grinding and Wood Chipping

There are a couple of reasons to chip the wood that was removed from the trees in the maintenance process. One of these reasons, you can reuse the wood chipping as mulch to cover up imperfections in landscaping. Another good reason is it breaks down a lot faster than if the branches were left in one piece. After we have removed a tree for you and there is still a stump standing, you can choose to have the sump fully grinded down, and once there is some sod laid, or some grass regains growth in the area the old stump was, it's near impossible to tell there was ever a stump to begin with.

wood chipping remove stumps fast we can grind any size stump

Snow Removal and Winter Maintenace

When the winter months hit and the snow starts to fly, we are always ready to get out there and take care of our client’s sidewalks, drive ways and parking lots. We offer both residential and commercial property snow and winter maintenance. If you need your sidewalks cleared from snow or ice, we are only a phone call way.

we can shovle for you snow blowing in the cold we can clear your parking lot

Junk and Grabage Removal

Do you have a lot of garbage and junk to get rid of, but don’t have a way to get it down to the dump? We can help you with that. We offer a junk removal. We can load, transport and unload any junk you would like removed from your property. No job is to big or small.

we will load up your junk and take it to the dump we can handle any size job easy unloading dump trailer